Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope you like what you see. On this page we will give our foreign visitors a short guiden to our site. More english written information will come but until then you have to accept the little we have...


But first a little about Harstad Mc:

Harstad Mc (HMC) was established in 1972. From that time and until today several hundreds of people have been in and out of the club. Today we are about 30 members. Each year Harstad Mc arrange the meeting called "Nord-Norge Treffet". This is a meeting where about 1500 motorcycle entusiasts come together to have a few days of relaxation together, and to enjoy a weekend with music, entertainment and a lot of good food and drinks. The meeting is arranged in Harstad, our home city. We have had guests visiting us from allmost every place in Norway and a lot of foreign countrys. We have had people from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Australia, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and a fes other places. Quit a lot of people have been at our meetings and we try to give a little extra each time we find a foreign visitor.

Harstad Mc have a nice club house that is located just outside the city, on the north end of the city limits. This house give us the opprtunity to have all the members gathered for nice partys and we are able to hold meetings and get together without missing the space for it. All of the members are able to store their motorbikes here and we have a nice garage where we can tune and fix our bikes.


What can you see on our web site?

We have a menu on the left side of the screen. We will now give you a little information what is hidden under each of the menu points.


"STARTSIDE" is the main page that opens when you arrive to our website. this yiu have allready seen if you are reading this now. On this page we try to give updated info about everything that is on our site and new happenings that has a general interest for the motorcycle people in our region.


"NN-Treffet" leads to the page that gives information about our yearly meeting. From this page you can also get to new pages that tells the story of the meeting and shows you pictures from the meetings that has been. We also give a listing over some of the prices we have given to our guests and maybe yiu will find the name of someone you know there.


"Om HMC" leads to the page that tells the storu about Harstad Mc (HMC). To bad it's only in Norwegian because here you could have been reading a lot of who and what we are.


"Klubbhuset" takes you to a page that tells the story about our club house. From the beginning of HMC's history and until today. On the bottom of the page you will find a link that brings you to some pictures of our club house.


"Hvem er vi" is a lead to a few new pages that tells about the memebers in the club as of today. We have a listing of possible Prospect's and a listing of the members. You will also find a listing of our Senior departement in the club and a short listing of earlyer members in the club.


"Div. bilder" just bring you to a page where you can go further to see a lot of pictures presented. Som of the pictures are taken at our yearly meeting and some of the pictures are taken from/on some of the tours and partys we have arranged or attended to.


"Linker" is the lead to a page that shows some links we feel are ok to have. Some of them can also be used by the enflish reading visitors because they contain usefull information about beeing a motorcycle tourist in Norway.


"Siden sist" shows a list of what has been changed on our web site and when it happened.


"Kontakt HMC" give you the needed information if you want to get in contact with us.


"NORGESTREFFET" give the information we have about the big motorcycle meeting arranged in 2005.


"Kjøp og Salg" is a link to a page where people can get their motorcycle, clothes or parts listed for sale. On these pages people can also put a listing if there s something they want to get a hold of or buy.


"ARKIV" brings you to the archives that gives a complete listing of all the storys presented on our web site. Even when it's "out of date" it will still be listed in our archives.


"Gjestebok" brings you to our Guest Book. Pleace feel free to place a comment....


We thank you for visiting our site and we hope to see you on one of our coming meetings!!!

With all the best and regards from the members of Harstad Mc.

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